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to the ones i loved who asked what love looks like   know it has the eyes of summer and the horizontal gaze of you know it is like like the first coffee drunken on what felt like the last day realize that it is like all that was lost slowly one by one keys … Continue reading

slain plain

Friend, Do you think of me? Do you think about the bits of shredded pieces we spent together, the time colliding into short snippets of nothing to nothing, of everything to everything else? Do you think of that bar? That club? My room? Do you think about not thinking, how sometimes in the thick of … Continue reading


i am looking back at my life like a bather on a beach hopping from sand spot to sand spot to avoid the heat and the pain of staying around for too long even if i’ll get used to it because there is water ahead cool water that waves back to me and my bouncing … Continue reading