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thinking on thinking

mornings have regretted the night before but have still picked off the shadows that are leeches gleaned from a stream of yellow that smell like piss in a daylight that sees me there clothed yet still naked moving in the direction opposite from the world’s spin trying to regain tomorrow’s tomorrow with a little bit … Continue reading

morning, morning

goodnight night and the cars that cough the many moving and those that sleep longer than i hope to by sleeping now   goodnight the streetlights that sting the sky the honeys kissing strangers in search of a deflower and the bees that no longer buzz for i have received a text message from a … Continue reading

smog that stuffs

the world never sleeps and the people never wake when the cities are stuffed with smog of the morning or is it the exhaust from last night that brings them to their beds after being busy but never busy enough for there is more to do in the morning and hopefully a lot more to … Continue reading