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Spaghetti knots

morning, morning

goodnight night

and the cars that cough

the many moving

and those that sleep

longer than i hope to

by sleeping now


goodnight the streetlights that sting the sky

the honeys kissing strangers

in search of a deflower

and the bees that no longer buzz

for i have received a text message

from a honey

who will stick if the night

hides shadows


goodnight good

and the dreams i had

of waking early

to the call of the woods

where the birds are perched

ready to gobble worms

that gobbled birds

gone bad


goodnight morning

you come too early

there was not much to enjoy

with the warmth of yellow too generous

the beams of fingertips too diffuse

and your eyes opening

on the horizon of your face

looking my way

then turning away

towards the familiar cover

of that good night

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