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our father

if night could talk it would moan about morning and how daylight hurt the eyes though it would also say it couldn’t see much anyways * it was the sweaty summer where the sun swelled like a single organism swallowing the sky that i was born again in myself i wet with i a reverse … Continue reading

morning, morning

goodnight night and the cars that cough the many moving and those that sleep longer than i hope to by sleeping now   goodnight the streetlights that sting the sky the honeys kissing strangers in search of a deflower and the bees that no longer buzz for i have received a text message from a … Continue reading

night flight

ground your desire to fly with the lightness of darkness that surrounds totally making you feel nothing except for the weight of everywhere it has been like your mouth and your eyes and inside those limbs that wave in night without anyone seeing not even you only feeling the something in you and the dark … Continue reading

a whale learning to walk

something outside isn’t right because the day is shorter than a stripper’s skirt and everyone remains sick with the morning is healed by the night and are ill again when the sun yawns as though nothing changed even though they have for they brought home a story of these girls real pretty funny too whose father wasn’t … Continue reading