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watch me repeat me

i will admit to you only that this is not the life i wanted to live that i toiled in poetry i could never learn to write that there was a story that would require no more to be read i did not voice that often i was too loud too quick to judgment including … Continue reading

is it is

i am starting to see you in places we never visited but where you still leave me first at a subway that closes as an oyster with the smell of an ocean wafting though i am miles away which is to say i do not know where i am only where i am going which … Continue reading

a diamond

Haven’t all the sonnets been written yet? There’s a game on, I’m told. The Blue Jays are flapping off the branches of old syrup-dried trees while the enfolding flowers are dying outside. I am inside now, shivering and cold and wondering if there is mold in the wooden room, whether it points to the North, … Continue reading

park in son; or, grass stains

don’t watch my feet i can’t control them either just keep looking beyond me to whatever it is there if only i wasn’t in the way knowing that life isn’t too kind to the kind and living which is why so many people forget their childhood when they weren’t so hateful and sometimes forget their … Continue reading

old love

the most difficult thing will be to find love when there is no love and then remembering that love before love is different than love after love even more so than love during love which is always difficult for sometimes there is no love though love is said the most of any time * the … Continue reading

The days

The following is an attempt to make old news new. * The days September 5th, 2012, Published in the Silhouette It’s hard to believe you got here. You – that massive mix of sweat and nerves, with those blue-green-brown eyes and that murky yet blonde-orange-black hair. You’ve done it. Congrats. No one expected you to … Continue reading

Repetition intentional

Dear you, This is a random, admittedly alcohol-induced message. Last time I tried to contact you was no different, except for the uninspiring fact that I peed all over an Amsterdam breakfast. Some things are better dilute, I reckon. I also reckon that you may very well be doing very well (repetition intentional) and that … Continue reading