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most of politics are rich people telling poor people that other poor people are stopping yet other poor people from being rich people who might pour the same into people once they have reached politics * say it say it tell my legacy to the sun who knows it alone and night who understands it … Continue reading

the future prime minister

i am not worried for the future for there will be a time when things are so bad and depraved that the poor will have no more to eat than the rich my only worry is that when it happens there will be little meat and too much fat for sustenance * inspired by Zoe … Continue reading

sunk drunk

since ruin the apple of eden fermented and it has been known that paradise is often found in drink and women who often lead to drink and more women * political movements can often be described as the mess the mass the miss the moss * all fish float but remember the depths * remember … Continue reading

in the future there will be less of me

it is a pain not feeling much of anything but still not being still and without the pain of it is * i would tell you my opinion about politics but i’m told that this wouldn’t be very political * i am looking for the line that makes me stop looking and finally looks back … Continue reading

How to lose the MSU Elections

I never won anything, which most losers can’t claim. * How to lose the MSU Elections Published in The Silhouette, January 22 2014 I’m sorry. Really, I am. I’m sorry that you’re knee-deep in this election, I’m sorry that there’s no backing out now without losing your integrity, and I’m sorry that despite all the helter-skelter, … Continue reading

How to win the MSU Presidentials

The following is political teeter-tottering and pandering, unless you don’t want it to be. * Daily Dose: How to win the MSU Presidentials Published in The Silhouette, January 14 Sing the anthem. Raise the flag. Do, uh, a salute or whatever. Because in a week’s time, McMaster will be host to pageantry a year in the … Continue reading