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never forever

the following is the word to describe a cookie when it is already chewed, salivated, and lobbed in your throat, blocking the word. * we are whenever we are   we are wherever we are   we are whatever we are   however we are we not much longer * my parents made me how … Continue reading

why do why

do not ruin my heart   it is your home   do not wreck my love   it is yours   do not ask is it   it is it is a hope of surviving do not * we are the slow evolution of apes into we who devolved from the bustling trees and now … Continue reading

badly bad

The following is bad poetry only because I feel worse, not bad enough to stop. * and what will you tell them when after all of this there were moments i left you speechless * little is like the loss of the living except for maybe the living loss of the little likes * we … Continue reading

is it is

i am starting to see you in places we never visited but where you still leave me first at a subway that closes as an oyster with the smell of an ocean wafting though i am miles away which is to say i do not know where i am only where i am going which … Continue reading

a tornado with a name

the following is an attempt to make up for the fact that hurricanes have names, while tornadoes do not, even though i have blown a few kisses for a while, watched the wind whirl, and saw what devastation would wreck from a spin of a dress. * one day the answers you seek will have been … Continue reading

cement airy

all of this is out of love because all of this is out of love * i am sorry but you are going to need to know that you must never apologize for being i which is you which is reflected in sorry little me * i suppose you don’t really want to be alone … Continue reading

she has gone for she has

the following are leftovers from what is over and left. * nothing ever stays except for the fact that you left * i must learn to be alone like you left me * kiss me like it is all you know how to do and when done it is all you knew * in the … Continue reading

when hen new h

  when there is nothing left you will be when all has gone you still are and when there is no more there there you remain yours and not theirs * i understand it all now because unknown and alone i realize i tried to give you what i could not give myself and what … Continue reading

autumn flowering

the following is typical trash made worse by the fact i trashed the type. * summer recedes into the horizon and i am alone for even the leaves fall as flowers that eventually hide into the ground where i will wish to lay on greener pastures surrounded by others in the final empty barroom of … Continue reading

ash wood

i am often no more but in between i spit life like a tree born from blood which will learn to claw into the sky for hungry breathless mouthfuls of growth that take away space with shadows that kill blindly and once old and forgotten by love’s initials will want to be cut down though … Continue reading