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ma hog any

the following is sloppy. it makes me clean in the way simple dichotomies don’t. * is it possible to be tired of being tired is it okay to not know what it means to be okay how is it that here among the space of unwritten letters and ideas forgotten i have found the place … Continue reading

sweet (cavities)

get up why are you sleeping when you only wake with the arresting thought that you are tired of feeling like you are sleeping through a life that is getting you down * summer behind me like a dog on a leash pissing on the tree it sprouts breathing acid from a mouth and a … Continue reading

don’t done do

blue, painted red, roars of her and the sky they slept under where the sun warmed yellow and the clouds built to cool with white that took a little gray when life was postponed indefinitely to doze against the whisper of rain on the stucco roof that said hello i am blue painting red hoping … Continue reading

buried in sand

the night is tonight the day is today and the morning is mourning for the yesterday that never comes back no matter what you do and mostly don’t * i’ll sleep when i’m dead but i rarely feel awake when living and most of the time there’s something dying in me like a gene or a … Continue reading