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alongside long

i lose my hat on the subway shuffling around midstep like a wounded dog trailing his master already ahead in a deep forest when a woman taps me before i race up to the heavens of the forgetful dead hands me my hat with a calm face a solo silence and i imagine this singular … Continue reading


there was a death on the subway though they made it to their stop and saw a girl looking back at them through the darkened glass and he wondered if there was something on his face and he remembered he didn’t eat all day because he was told that it would be better to lose … Continue reading


who are these people with their eyes closed comforted in the exhaustion of every day found in the yawning mouths of the subway who are these couples with bags off to other countries, who have packed essentials for moments that maybe i would include myself and yet who carry on without me who are these … Continue reading

rush hour

i swear it is there in her eyes the pink moon trampolining on the whole horizon away from this full subway car that holds silence never before heard and little handheld suns that do not burn immediately in this dark tunnel of outside blues but that take energy lifeforce souls away in bits of radiation … Continue reading

Stars that die for people that live

Eyes to the light at the end of the tunnel see no shade and are taken away from here anywhere but here right now at 8 in the morning during rush hour that is quite slow and dead when I am alive but not for long at this rate because the subway is a glowworm where … Continue reading


The privacy of a public space is explained in the shook-soup, lopsided love letter that you cannot read by the boy in front of you on the subway who wishes that the train would take him directly to her. * Shake, shake so much that the world will be embarrassed to be still. * I … Continue reading