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capital yelling

and there SHE was cloaked in articles of light standing still on a spinning top holding it all together while i was out there doing THE THING so as to make it towards the OTHER THING which in that moment i could’ve sworn was HER against the crumbling city that was making me feel bad … Continue reading

interior decorating

i do not know this ceiling which hides the rotting peach sky being eaten alive outside by bloodless clouds in a today that is tomorrow’s yesterday though it was no better then either even as others with empty mouths will butter praise on those days where there was no worry for the days that would … Continue reading

rush hour

i swear it is there in her eyes the pink moon trampolining on the whole horizon away from this full subway car that holds silence never before heard and little handheld suns that do not burn immediately in this dark tunnel of outside blues but that take energy lifeforce souls away in bits of radiation … Continue reading

Ease to east: an extra seat

To ease to east, you need cycle through the seasons, through reoccurring weather of sun and shine and rain and clouds, and through cloudy, dripping, sun-burnt you. The doubts. The insecurities. The why are you doing this? Why are you bicycling through to Halifax? Why ride? Most answers given for adventure border on the sniffling, … Continue reading


this much i know is true: there are no truths and i know much of nothing * there is no such thing as good poetry only poetry in good things like when you are standing in a forest with the mist of a waterfall whispering your way towards an escape from a summer’s day that … Continue reading