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man y

do museums exist for men? does art only know the women? where are those crinkled, collapsing sacs of flesh torn and asunder under things heavier than water and lighter than the sun? who draws their balls like rubber comets? when will someone demonstrate the sexless unsuccessful, the losers, the nobodies, those that deny categorization for … Continue reading

no no no

the following was written on a beach after soaking in julio cortazar and trying to be my own drunk star * did i visit spain did i actually visit spain did i get gorged by a bull pulverize a wave with my crescent head wake up with cooling coffee that will whisper a dream stated … Continue reading

see sons

i suppose you’ll want to know what has come of me after all those futures planned have been forgotten and the flowers have turned away from the sun and there’s a sea that hasn’t been touched yet by the plastic that sinks the life from your tour of a small island that most haven’t heard … Continue reading

out of it

he said that inside us is what is the stuff that bursts stars and bakes cakes that sees you unloved and so deeply stuck in it that fuels by being fueled by being and that which isn’t and doesn’t like those few moments of attention the permeable exaggeration of isolation where there is nothing else … Continue reading

Cuba castrated

Dear dear, Today you leave. Where to, I don’t exactly know. In some ways, I don’t think you know either. That’s why you are going. To leave this stew you have known, one that has grown old and stale and familiar. I sometimes think about her cheating on me. I sometimes wonder if it was I … Continue reading

changing of the guards

daylight with spots on a shadow like the spoiled meat that gives it legs only to find me laying down on the same steps where a marriage failed forty three years two months and sixteen days ago a child was told by an uncle that all things hurt until they fade about twenty one days … Continue reading