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Spaghetti knots

no no no

the following was written on a beach after soaking in julio cortazar and trying to be my own drunk star


did i visit spain

did i actually visit spain

did i get gorged by a bull pulverize a wave with my crescent head wake up with cooling coffee that will whisper a dream stated at the beginning of the bang

did i taste really taste

held the entire sea against my rocky tongue swallow the sun even notice the blend of that deep giving gracious coffee

did i touch

truly touch

pet that fucking bull reach my fingers to something beyond my other hand hug all of my brother his sadness his joy his impalpable want for me to visit some place again with him for the tastes the touches of a land unknown where i have only seem the summer and there is still snow that will come when i too am gone to go elsewhere visitable

the coffee is cold as i grab it so i get another done for i


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