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all of all

i am told i must remember that this is better than what was then but i am eight and running with my dog who later died to an echo of my grandma saying that heaven held no humans only lost pets waiting for pats like sunsets glowing at themselves in a mirror spent on years … Continue reading

check, mate

do not worry about success the queen and king enter the same box as the pawn   play the game that will leave the board drawn with your presence win or loss * hey universe mind missing me with your bullshit today because i am you at your worst your unbearable a need to break … Continue reading

lit till ill

be calm   it took a universe to cook you   it will take a while to come to comfort and rest with being and how much unbeing it takes to have been and yet still be *   the last word i will write will still linger for more of you   *   … Continue reading

handy feet

curiosity mandates to look up at the stars rather than one’s feet but real curiosity is knowing that one’s feet were once stars and look how up they can go if only you learn to stand on your hands in ways stars never could * i bring the sounds left behind like dust that were … Continue reading

making made made

don’t fret to feel nothing is to be for it was here first still is containing the universe in ceaseless bounds that stretches like fingers to warm water to hold the stories that feel your pain of being * rejection is a gift it allows you the moment to reassess to reconsider to see where … Continue reading


soldier of breath armed with exhalations and arms that are taking too much oxygen pressing her away   meanwhile the heart is losing the battle and there is a foxhole somewhere you might fit into but she feels clunky and tired and worn like a used gun that smokes too much and shoots too little … Continue reading

the big contraction

and do i contradict myself no i am the universe yes i contain multitudes maybe i need a little more little   and a lot more less * i am a body paragraph without a thesis a run on sentence tired and panting a constant conjunction hoping for more than or a two sided sword … Continue reading

the royal poor

poetry is powerless until you come along lonely hoping to find something that will make you feel powerful and like you belong again   hi king hi slave * we are the only planet to know we know we are the only planet who can love and lose this love and this makes us forget … Continue reading

an(y)other life

when i am by myself under the night sky i wonder if this solar system is the loneliest in its search for life and finding none or some other is who will never know what it means to be alone   my question goes unnoticed but the stars still breathe * save your change instead … Continue reading

a whole clock

i cannot understand why one would be bored if they are looking for life each day is another beginning and if they are hoping for death each morning brings them closer to the loving hug of dark * isolation is paradise for with it you are away from people who are the worst and you … Continue reading