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the revolution of two

i see that the world would be made better if we crossed i’s but didn’t cross me * it is a shame that as children we feel no shame in reading to get lost while as adults we read to lose loss * i am a friend of a revolutionary who stole a car without … Continue reading

brief bang

in the penitentiary i freed my mind with the time to think without the body bowing down to slaves of schedule and the whip of a blanket at night that offers rest from the mined mind racing doing horrible things to horrible people horribly all to sleep in peace and do it all again in … Continue reading

a red dwarf

you come from stars that that have collapsed into energy that no planet has known before for there has been no knowing before you there collapsed and without a plan but still hoping that the universe will go your way even though it already has * you are the universe discovering itself with limbs that … Continue reading

the little bang

i hope i lead i because i am not much of a follower * where is where for i am only left with why and the nothing place found in a lack of answer where i sit then stand and feel no taller for i see no differently even with my eyes closed and wearing … Continue reading

makers making music

the following was written after a listen to the album on Voyager I, which serves as a goodbye from earth and hello to space. listen here: * i have listened to the golden tracks of Voyager I and i do not know what it was trying to say is it come for we have rich … Continue reading

the lonely life of the only life

we are understood before we understand because we come into this after others have discovered how to make us come * there’s dimension to the depth of how far i’ve fallen but i need to go down death to see what it was i couldn’t see from the grounding of above and what it was … Continue reading