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south for the summer

dear dear, loud geese have died quietly out my open window. jet black has covered their bodies in pylons and the civilized process that lead hands to hold hands. they look like mistakes, splats. the sky was too heavy, the ground even more so. it had snowed. it is snowing. they are freeze-dried now, as men … Continue reading


blooming beams beauty until we think that eventually it too will suffocate the space and have no where to stretch except onto itself consuming the limbs that once gave it reach to you in hopes of help from this eventual devastation   spring begins again without a bounce * when i have nothing left to lose … Continue reading

decapitate winter

the summer in her breath settles the city inside shade providing momentary coolness where i bungle my words against a wall of teeth like like like i like you but she’s gone addressing the harvest that will come from someone else not like me * poetry is me sitting here stuck wishing i was standing … Continue reading

a coward’s roar

daffodil   brave and yellow in the green grass capturing the sun   be sad soon for winter always comes * moving on will seem like not moving for a while longer than the two of you maybe like maybe you could get back and move on together   but like the waves sometimes the … Continue reading

snow sake

trying to keep the snow in the air with my breath but it melts with being and life * there is a sentence that when penned makes all alright except for the fact that many in the world cannot read * life give me poetry for poetry gives me life * the best way to … Continue reading

bad and rotting

scarfs like nooses and tongues out like dead men we feel the burning of being alive and the uniqueness of now that goes as we go till goon’s gone good * they will tell us that we did wrong because they are older and know more from mistaking more and we will nod get older … Continue reading

. – .

dying occasionally when she looks away i am a comma a lost eyelash that flows as she turns the pause in between when and then hanging there flattening scratching and pulling until the tail tears and i am left with a single universe ending a . silence then expansion – eyes closed caught elsewhere where … Continue reading

reverse narcissist

snow drowning on itself when winter ends leads me to wonder how the floating pieces feel watching themselves sink into themselves very much like myself who does nothing more than blink at the day reflecting against the white slowly drowning too into the clarity of a puddle though i can’t swim * do more than … Continue reading

when snow melts

it used to be easy to write about you but now these words come hard and with endings and the worn use of used to’s * the world was white but your cheeks were red a display of you trying to warm the outside or just my insides with a joke that makes the clouds laugh … Continue reading


i’ve been thinking of the silent winter that buries and brings quiet and darkness with enough gray weight that even my closed eyes cannot match for they are too warm while around all freezes into goodbyes until i open like hands holding hands missing the one that made them fall in love with flesh softer … Continue reading