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big blind i fold wrinkles won * numbness in growth leads me to not feeling and not being sharp enough to figure out the solution to the cycle that tightens like a noose till numbness * take in the air and find that winter smells like burning and summer is cool nights where we can … Continue reading

frosty was frosty

look i don’t want to look at me in your eyes because i hate what you see in me and what i can’t see in you because i’ve blocked you with my i’s * some people are just made for unhappiness like snowmen who don’t like the smell of carrots and who prefer the warmth of … Continue reading


The following aren’t very good, but global warming promises to heat things up at the very least. * The winter rots In long shadows, Seeding familiar pots Of strange sorrows. A bike emerges From the snow; Croci scourges – The grass needs a mow. Where has winter gone? I am caught in eternal summer. Look … Continue reading