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flaky dermatology

i have things to do like yesterday and a week before that too but i was only sixteen or around there then adding to the clouds with a coughing chimney that will throat her till rain roars into this light life that i swear has no free will and if there is some it’s predetermined … Continue reading

what gives

give me a chance world to join you in giving others the same   give me a chance to wonder whether i’ll manage to get old and what i’ll do when there is nothing to do but get older   give me a chance to feel the mediocre conversation rolling through my kitchen that is … Continue reading

new fish burgers

Dry in Wendy’s being told she never existed by a man who didn’t till now when he needed a few dollars to get a fish burger that slapped around into his mouth where he said any path is home to ghosts because they pull at you, the millions of people you couldda met and couldda … Continue reading