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Literary lobotomy

The state of all

Everything is terrible, because capitalism bought our need and confused it with want; because want was not enough; because enough was a concept defined by people who wanted, needed, and confused themselves before we were born; because we were born; because others weren’t, others who could change and mobilize, not be so lazy to sit and look at a television and expect something different, not just a commercial; because commercials spawn a culture industry of misplaced tenderness, understanding, calm; because there is no calm; because humans have a need to help and to make help harder; because help is hard; because softness bores, placates, lulls to sleep; because there is no such thing as sleep but an opened-eyed parade that goes on at all times in movement, buses, and bars, even if most won’t; most don’t; don’t exists, which leaves little room for positivity; because positivity is a hiccup against a sigh; because if everything was nice, then there’d be nothing to gripe about; because terrible is nice; because happiness requires the absence of it; because my happiness is unhappiness for others; because happiness and unhappiness alike are overrated; because there are ratings; because no one knows what anything is worth; there is no such thing as worth but only what people think is worthy; people are worthless; people are worthwhile; in a while, people will leave no substantial worth; because there has to be worth and not just community, sympathy, laughter; because there’s laughter when someone hurts themselves; because people hurt themselves; because some people are never hurt; because there’s love; because love isn’t always there where there is there; because when it is it is small, unfit, starving; because boogers in third grade pop out of one’s nose and splatters over a girl’s dress; because the girl only noticed the boy then; because the boy didn’t like girls anyways; because the girl didn’t like the boy anyways either; because boys like boys; because boys like girls; because boys like others; because boys like nothing; because boys; because there is an unequal distribution of emotions; because few know how to adapt to a sudden, wonderful, never-before-happened transitions; because life is not static; because static implies death; because death; because life is short; life is long and leads to complacency and forgetfulness and capitalism again with its volatile markets; because there are no markets that can be seen but counted; because counting exists; because attempts to avoid counting lead to more counting, like all those things that should not be counted; because some religions don’t count all their gods; because some do; because some only have one and even then they forget about it sometimes; because there isn’t a god; because there are humans who think they are divine; because fascism happens; because there aren’t enough countries for all the leaders in the world; because hand-over-mouth interference leads to communism; communism to liberalism; liberalism to capitalism; capitalism to communism; because communism isn’t that dandy; because nothing is that dandy, until it is, then isn’t again; because cycles cycle; because not everyone bikes; because if everyone tried to bike, then what would happen to all those jobs; because there are jobs; because there aren’t enough jobs; because there will never be; because there has to be a way that life works because work lives; because aphorisms reduce intricacy; intricacy reduces aphorisms; because words are useless; because they are all that’s left; because people think there isn’t anything besides scribbles and scratches; because there are scratches; because there are scribbles; because there aren’t ample amounts of ands. And because there are.

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