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night in night

there you sit so terribly alive in this wet world with the responsibility of stitching together the universe into a comfortable pull over sweater with the seriousness of a hot daybreak cutting into your face while the birds fly everywhere else besides in your deep coffee bragging to the needy sky what it was to … Continue reading

william cody

looking at you and i closed speaking in tongues must i swallow this memory too the timely teaching of your name the dripping of that thick life down your chin where each slippery morning there is still rot somewhere a fresh breaking that can be heard over the horizon and the relatable gulp of that … Continue reading


Dear dear, These were the holidays. Such is a banal, limp sentence, an obviousness that would knowingly ignite even the most unaware moth. Yet it is blindingly true. These were the holidays. These were the gasps of us among the giving dishes, the bony fish, the dogs that do not feel like the dogs we … Continue reading


another lung lonely with those birds on the line squawking and shitting blabbing about how to hide the sun destroy the trees eat more than their bodies have shit in them to shit more than their bodies can shit   there is no breath untouched no love in the day their wild wings are the … Continue reading

between two points

Dear distant friend, I am bustling through Spain onboard a sleek, undisturbed universe of a bullet train with sun licking the already-burnt skin and a raw, restless summer peeking at countrysides past and farmlands unseen.  My prose is the same unadulterated self-masturbatory streaking you are used to in a style shared with the likes of … Continue reading

webbed fingers

to feel your weight, to kiss you in every lovely place, to watch your gentle grace, to listen to you saying i compliment you too much, to compliment your voice as you say, to sit in silence, relaxed, stretched as sunlight, as flowers flowing, as straight when morning cuts in golden and generous mumbling, please, … Continue reading

Blue .

Dear Dear, I am unsure if you have noticed, but in the cumulative three weeks you have hidden in Montreal, it has not rained. Snow has buried. Sun has bloomed. But even among the heaviest clouds that mute the world in gray, all that was held was the promise of spring, of a slow walk, … Continue reading

Fall, then Winter

I am thirteen and the winter is too warm and Francesco is dead. The room is a bland salmon pink, the kind that doesn’t distract or lend much to decoration. Pictures pasted on the walls of rainbows and dogs and what we want to be when we want to be smell of sun and staleness. … Continue reading

that that’s left

when was the moment you thought you weren’t valuable anymore   was it when you had all the memories and none of the friends   when life stewed in nine months matured in many more and was ruined in ten seconds by another mix just as complicated and long   when i was supposed to … Continue reading

what was his name again

what do you tell her   do you say that i would fart loudly in public   do you recall when i would snore with spit pooling like a failed birth   do mention that it took me six long months to love you and only four short years to lose that love   do … Continue reading