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Spaghetti knots

Waste away well

The most renewable

resource is boredom

and the most limited

is time,

so: waste away well.


What are the whites

of America afraid of

in ceasing to be

a majority?

Is there a history

of mistreating


Is there systematic pain

and injustice?

Is there inequity?

Is there a country

built on

the blood of Natives,

grown with

the blood of slaves,

and cultured by

the blood of wars?

Are whites afraid

of blood?

Of the colour red?

Of any colour

besides the

absence of it?

What are the whites

of America afraid of

in ceasing to be

a majority,

besides themselves?


Let me kill myself

with a cigarette

so I can light up

the world

by giving it a


that knows it is sometimes

better to turn

a small village

with beautiful children

and happy families

and a local sports team

that was instituted after many debates

and a stressful,

but fair campaign

from the local council

into a live barbecue

that burps bodies

bubbled and burned

so that

people hate it

instead of

hating themselves

for thinking that

the team was pretty bad

and the council was too powerful

and they were never going

to go to the games anyways.

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