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closed i

i have seen the unexpected surprise itself into calm consistency forgetting that all still water once wore waves and even the smallest puddle is pulled by the moon i have seen thundering clouds make a lot of sense trying to burn the rain i have seen people who say that they could’ve made that modern … Continue reading

hide and seek but never be found

i trust the universe even though it lied to me that i could go back to the beginning and find myself there * father a drinker mother a pourer me a not-me as i am always farther than my mouther self can be from home * racial privilege is when white out means rewriting and … Continue reading

Waste away well

The most renewable resource is boredom and the most limited is time, so: waste away well. * What are the whites of America afraid of in ceasing to be a majority? Is there a history of mistreating minorities? Is there systematic pain and injustice? Is there inequity? Is there a country built on the blood of … Continue reading