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All we have

I was left believing that I’d do anything for you but this is the left over bits of anything, and you have lost faith in us despite everything, which I suppose leaves me with nothing except this. * I want to write a line that would fix all of it but I only have this … Continue reading

Guts, be polite

I want to convince you that I am worth it because of the times we’ve had loving, licking, and outlining our figures in fingers that can tickle and massage and imprint a person with madness if they are taken away too quickly like a reverse burn felt first from the inside then moving out guzzling everything around in … Continue reading

All there ever is

I was with seven women in a week and I thought, man I must be something special, but I wasn’t and they weren’t either – laying there like bloated animals too slow to move after having their fill while looking at vultures’ legs circling in the cove ceiling or when they were cats cooing cats, scratching, purring, … Continue reading

A bird afraid of heights

The sun sets when the day begins for I hoist myself above my balcony with cars below and people above and I am happy that I have a choice to be happy or not with just a baby step, though I am a nested bird that is afraid of heights. * Night is too short. … Continue reading

Waste away well

The most renewable resource is boredom and the most limited is time, so: waste away well. * What are the whites of America afraid of in ceasing to be a majority? Is there a history of mistreating minorities? Is there systematic pain and injustice? Is there inequity? Is there a country built on the blood of … Continue reading

Doggystyle in paradise

I smoke to see my breath at its best and to know that I am alive, at least for a while. Sure, a shorter while if I didn’t huff and puff but that’s the sacrifice of knowledge outside of paradise. * Hold nothing against me for I do not hold myself against you – I … Continue reading

Love in the cold

The bus cradles me to sleep while the city yawns awake to rain that drowns the living and the dead with tongues that are never quiet hydrated and mouths that are never quiet full, but always stinking and always completely empty even with other people drizzling in and out like the bus that stops until I … Continue reading

Nothingness and what’s left

I am convinced that there is nothing in this world like love, except for when love is torn away, ends, is no more, and will be no more for there is nothing in this world like love. * To watch the news is to learn what it is to feel old and helpless. * I … Continue reading


The problem with woman is that they take you away from art and the problem with art is that it takes you away from woman and the problem with both is that if done right, they are objects that feed each other like a snake biting its own tail because it’s addicted to the hallucination … Continue reading

A loner who’s not alone

If only there were classes on how to be lonely, classes where we’d sit by ourselves in a room with a small desk that only one elbow can rest on and a chair that teeters on one leg and where we cannot see the walls, only the frame of a ceiling with single lights dangling … Continue reading