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Onomatopoeia of a gut

Every day in summer you will see the most beautiful girl steeped in sunlight, and every day she won’t see you. * People look down on drunks but drunks only look down on people like themselves, the miserable, thirsty fuckers who want more company who want more drinks which brings more company and more drinks … Continue reading

The golden sentence

Earth’s a cemetery while humans live. Let them both rip each other apart. * Write me down in poems for I wish each line of me to comprise its own being, each pause to be reflective, each space to be an empty wholeness, each moment to be distilled and complete even if I am only … Continue reading

Saying nothing by saying something

Two times in your life you will write a lot: when you have nothing to say and when you have, and have, and have, but say nothing. * I had a dream that I did not need to dream anymore but then I woke up and could not remember where I was or how I … Continue reading

Small talk with big words

I got a real lively friend who is now dead because he swallowed some vomit while trying to leave some words behind. * Most chatter is boring small talk with big words that to save the world would mean salvaging the conversations about cars and stocks and finances and work and people who have cars, … Continue reading

Seeing blind

Does a bat that is missing a wing hear the echo of the second off the rebound of the first after it is ripped off by a bird? Does it hear the scrunch-scrunching of itself in another? Does it listen for bugs who are there to support it, even if they don’t realize? Or does … Continue reading

A chimpanzee’s handshake

Happiness relies on other people but unhappiness relies on other people more for with them and the friends they bring that inhale cigarette breaths, you’ll find you are not as happy as they may be and if you are, then they aren’t, and how sad is that, friend? * There is no issue that has … Continue reading

Killing suicide by yourself

Stand in the middle of a main train station, loose count of all the lives you’ll never know and find out how few people know your life despite the little while you stood at the centre of theirs. * Everyone thinks of suicide daily for to not would be to admit they are not living and … Continue reading

The rate at which meat spoils

We used to kiss to say all we could, now we kiss because it is all we can say, an attempt at filling the bare gap in between us with nothing more than us and the empty words rolled on each other`s blunt tongues. * How lovely to desire a few pounds of flesh that … Continue reading

Breathing underwater with your mouth open

My swimming instructor drowned, leaving me stranded and wondering what technique I had spent perfecting would make me sink. * A beginning poet will always write about love. An experienced poet will always write about lost love. And a poet at the last lines of their life will always write about the love that made them … Continue reading

An orangutan with a beer

There is something in the way we stretch when a subway is empty that may be the closest we get to contentment found in the in between of then and now, where we are and where we need to go, and where, too, we can go if we got off here instead of there. * Ecstasy is … Continue reading