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Spaghetti knots

if you leave the water on, the sinks will overflow


always see

do nothing more than observe

for your sight

is the most powerful act

in the universe

and without it

there would be

no universe

worth seeing

and i guess

no you either


the darkness was old

and night was young

when my father came home

with an electric cord

that teaches one to save

on the hydro

that I left on

by turning the tap

and letting the water out

for fears that it may drown

in itself

or that I wouldn’t be safe

without my dad

to protect me against the night

and the electric chords

that don’t turn on

without my back

that uses the water

that still slips with sound

later on

when he has left

and i am raw

and spent


i was five

and in darkness

wondering if i were to be

medusa the gorgon

or jason the hero

while looking in mirror

flexing and grinning

and seeing that i was only

the glass reflected

into glass,

a blindness cycled

into darkness again

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