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he has his

knuckles blocking out the sun for the man is pregnant with a fatherhood that suckles the honey dripped summer where he wants to be but not burdened with being and the nights that swallow crowing murder when the mother is emptied by him huffing a childhood nursery rhyme he can’t exactly remember but whose beats … Continue reading

from from

to the brother i will never be to the cousin i never was to the janitor that i might’ve been if my brother wasn’t so close with his cousins there are stories i need to tell you like there is still a thing in nothing or so my father clicked after a ninth playing inside … Continue reading

it is because of scattering of the blue wavelengths because they are smaller, tiny, gone some days

and so you built walls great walls that would make ancient civilizations weep and know exactly what you meant by putting one hand in front of another like has always been the way to the way which you’ve made yourself full with you comfortable finally in the center where you forgot to put a window … Continue reading

father’s day

i thought i wasn’t thinking until i held out my hand in belief and callous developed to break hearts after following a shadow which hid underneath my mother’s eyes like a child under a blanket listening to a fight that must’ve not ended yet since whenever a beginning began and hearing silence then footsteps then … Continue reading


broken and breaking he bleeds he onto me through transparent blood that hasn’t yet breathed his life and that blocks his breath now in sobs of i could’ve done better you see i could’ve been someone if i only did see and you hadn’t been and i want to tell him that i barely feel … Continue reading


Iz dolphin. He comes out of the water, gushing and panting without pants. Nearly naked, maybe, with speedo snug and chest hair booming and my father, the dolphin. Iz dolphin. Favourite swim. And he does swim, back and forth, sometimes underwater, head not raising, breath not evident save for the ripples following him slowly, never … Continue reading

tragedy of the commons

the tragedy of the commons is that we were born too soon to learn how to stop our birth * my mom is in love with my dad and booze at the same time and one leads to another though i forget which way the direction lays like a beast feasting in roadkill after a … Continue reading

giants raising giants

when I was little I thought I wanted to be big like my father who I looked up to because he was powerful and strong and handy with a belt against my back so that then when I was a giant who gorged I could show him what it meant to be little, but I … Continue reading

if you leave the water on, the sinks will overflow

see always see do nothing more than observe for your sight is the most powerful act in the universe and without it there would be no universe worth seeing and i guess no you either * the darkness was old and night was young when my father came home with an electric cord that teaches … Continue reading

constraints of company

Sometimes I just stare at this and wonder what the heck do I do now and then I remember something like this some of the times * I’ve been hiding in places I don’t fit since I was young and running away from my father who didn’t fit all that well either even though there … Continue reading