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Spaghetti knots

narcissus sprouting on the banks

a stream

lives forever

running off

into me

and my mouth

against me

if it has to

even though i am

mostly it

and it is mostly me

for i have swallowed

too much

and am letting it go

back into it

like a dog who

prefers the leash

for at least then

there’s an owner

a someone who

can take off the chain

so the dog can jump back

into it

and the stream

that hangs around the dog’s neck

but not at the same time

like a pet petting another




if you sin

go to god

and beg

but remember

he knows

the bible too

and begs

to you

that he didn’t

for your sake

and his forsaken your


i have never known

anyone to fall in love

only to scour up it

like fish on dry sand

looking for a sand

castle with a moat

but where are the enemies

that need a gate pulled up

besides the fish

who ruins the structure

and the door

and deserves to be eaten



life is spent

talking to others

until they stop talking to you

then you stop talking altogether

and some of them

start talking to you again

and find you just as bad

of a listener

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