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grapes left in the sun smell like oranges

if i wear vines will i grow or will they climb to my neck with a hug that’ll keep me warm forever * never forget that you have forgotten some of the worst times and so this too will be never evermore * the problem with writing is that it takes a reader and i … Continue reading


i got it though it isn’t much but at least it’s better than it getting me and me watching i become too much to watch * when we feel that we feel no more we know that there is still when ahead whenever you’re ready and even if you’re not it goes on with us … Continue reading

in the future there will be less of me

it is a pain not feeling much of anything but still not being still and without the pain of it is * i would tell you my opinion about politics but i’m told that this wouldn’t be very political * i am looking for the line that makes me stop looking and finally looks back … Continue reading

a coward’s roar

daffodil   brave and yellow in the green grass capturing the sun   be sad soon for winter always comes * moving on will seem like not moving for a while longer than the two of you maybe like maybe you could get back and move on together   but like the waves sometimes the … Continue reading

look at me look at me look at me

all there is is doing it done   everything else is noise   know that this too is a distraction * and then it was the revolution him with his pistol at your door saying you better come out to make it right and if you won’t know that charity begins at home and there’s … Continue reading

fun, err all

there are days when we all feel like gutters     but know that even then we are needed to clean the city * lungs like lightning short bursts of a spark i used to know on days like today sunny and steeped parent’s telling us not to do it anyways and us saying anyways … Continue reading

thunder calls my name

i am told everything is about sex especially the untold and i want to say the first thing that isn’t about sex   i want it bad * to land to live lightning must first enflame the earth * i don’t think i can make it but luckily i don’t have to think to get … Continue reading

the year without days

it was the year without days and it only took a few seconds where you were on the Chilean sands where she always wanted to go because there’s the mountains and the ocean and the two of you in between the blue and blue and her bluest of all despite being here finally here with … Continue reading

welled worth

took me 25 years to learn how to speak well another 50 to write better and 75 to realize that no one gives a damn what is said * damned if i do damned if i don’t damned if i do i and damn if i don’t which is something i would do in my … Continue reading

how to burn wood

cut down all the trees and say finally there is room to breathe   hide in the darkness and say now you can see   sleep all day and say you’ve done too much now   empty your heart and say you didn’t expect to bleed so much   follow and say you feel bad … Continue reading