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Spaghetti knots

look at me look at me look at me

all there is

is doing it done


everything else

is noise


know that

this too

is a distraction


and then

it was the revolution

him with his pistol

at your door

saying you better come out

to make it right

and if you won’t

know that

charity begins at home

and there’s more to go

around after he’s finished

with you

and then



i’m screaming

for outside

i’m silent

while the middle ground

is made fun of

by people with skin

soaked in sunlight

and smiles

until they see me

unmoving and rocky

already broken

with blood escaping

to greet the world

in my blessings


kill all

and say

everyone is at peace now

including yourself

with the shotgun to your head

like a baseball cap

after reading how to do it

because it always feels different

when done to yourself

a little like tickling

which is a feeling

you never liked

but you have higher hopes now

to join the masses


the gun yawns

it is empty


are you

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