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Spaghetti knots

r is (our)

on the pain of the world that makes us want to get off it:

there are those who don’t understand

that they climb back to the waters

not to find the origin of life

but to have a death that is quite average

and respectable

and that may have a nice ceremony

though they aren’t too picky

having travelled the sea

looking for anywhere but here


i am sure that one day there will be no fighting

and on that day

it will be so quiet and sunny

that people will say there must be something wrong

and it is probably the neighbour’s fault


let us investigate quietly


bring a weapon just in case

a batter dispenser will do


i have taught ghosts how to die

sat them down

watched them disappear through the chairs

like the hand-holding of an ex or axe

that has worn after slaying

the roots of connection

and said my, my

you need not mourn

and they cried cried cried


when they dried

losing the last bit of the 70% water we were

i said in a language lost to most

that to die is to be whole and complete

to finish full

and they said but i am not ready


i said but no one eve-

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