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inside her with exploding organs that’ll splatter the ceiling with offal and blood though the walls need to be repainted anyways for they peel from handprints that remind one of ceaseless childhood where endless days giggle to playful wind and a sun on rollerskates down the bountiful road where each work will be a masterpiece … Continue reading

a little lighter

if i die today let it not be because of yesterday but because i managed to slip into the ever-escaping tomorrow * these sentences show too many spaces between us but i cannot stop myself from reading into the bare silences * when i die ensure i am drunk and in love   perhaps with … Continue reading

a little light

clouds as teeth against your blue shaping into sweet supple nothings that have milked everything from my bite except for you staying solid and untouched by the allure of flight in the sky as a baby unaware it was born without wings * time between us old lovers fumbling wrinkles and curves unwanted through wanting … Continue reading

a little lithe

i suppose i am looking for love that doesn’t look for love or suppositions * i have seen you only in poetry   broken   reread   unhuman again * you will die in gas and gasps and gaps   but before breathe back breath from all those who have exhausted and expired already and … Continue reading

a little lit

and have you considered the sea’s fear of the never beaten beach or perhaps that broken hearts have more openings for entry or that the tired mirror should be shattered for it has seen more than you or that you have seen too much too for you do not reflect much anymore about considerations of … Continue reading

a little title

she was a poem and a poet and all of poetry though it was unspoken words when she kissed me * i am poor which makes me pour wasteful water and less bits of i i i * i have felt too much now to feel so little about then but i cannot help it … Continue reading

a little little

i am ignorant of the future but i am arrogant enough to plan for buts * you remind me of armageddon armed again army ends * i have nothing to show for after 24 years except for me which took a lifetime to see * i am sure i will join the dead unwilling disjointed … Continue reading

a little a

i am afraid you will see me unafraid of you * i fear you fear fearless me * if only you saw me as i see me you’d see how i wish to remain unseen * beautiful things like the mona lisa are cracked and wearing like you * i am horrified by the possibility … Continue reading

a super hero who is 112 and smokes and may have made love to your girlfriend

the youth are the problem for they don’t know how great it is to be young and this obliviousness against it all is a problem of old for the old forgetting the old * my life is expiring mouths and tight throats spent grieving those who are lost but remain alive and around with others … Continue reading

white d(war)f

i’ve seen the stars enrage violence against the world in a slow burning that will take the big collapse of you and i to stop the flames two celestial bodies pouring lightning bugs into each others’ mouths to cool the universe from crying to no one at all that it didn’t ask to be that … Continue reading