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Licking lacking

light in a shadow

dear friend who is four foot eight,

you are big. you are immense. you are total.

too often in the scrum of wants and failures, this knowledge is forgotten. more must be done. more is being is done. how can i join it? how can it join me?

while these questions are necessary in a world that usually feels the opposite, i implore you to reconsider yourself. against the universe, you are nothing. against the sun, you are nothing. against your dreams, nothing. against hopes, nothing. against billions of others who desire the same as you, nothing.

but this nothingness is enough.

not for some mumbo-jumbo regarding how we are all knee-deep on a rock rocket or how stars died so we can live or how our cells are even less than our whole but they still are our whole. instead, friend, simply and relentlessly, you are. you are. you are.

shit will come, and you are. happiness will ooze, and you are. boys and money and parental disappointment and jobs and more more more will tumble, and you are you are you are.

please do not forget this grandness, even if forgetting it may be you too.


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