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Blue .

Dear Dear, I am unsure if you have noticed, but in the cumulative three weeks you have hidden in Montreal, it has not rained. Snow has buried. Sun has bloomed. But even among the heaviest clouds that mute the world in gray, all that was held was the promise of spring, of a slow walk, … Continue reading


i suppose it is time to tell you that there is a chance you will not find what you are looking for. immense sadness may wait. happiness may shirk itself away to other places for other people. you’ll sludge around, lost, hoping something pops up adorned in sunlight and kisses. you’ll get close a few … Continue reading

saying said

the following is until i can’t. * say it until there is no more to say until there is no more no more until there is no till for you are breathless on your dirty back watching the ceiling climbing the floor falling and the air in between spreading further away from you   you … Continue reading


the following is full lowing. * does a river remember the sea or does it only close its eyes in the warmth of the sun and your running into the waves to cool off back into my dripping arms * all things grow including the dead who spread back to breathes still suffocating on the … Continue reading

me + u

look love even old trees still bloom anew while your name crumbles against muted bark and a drying useless sun * you always hated my poetry but i always hated you for you made me write this badly about this bad always * leave something that will leave you one seed two dirty napkins three … Continue reading

tend to lend

when i was a poet writing poetry i’d have good things to say   about all the bad like how to kill your mother by falling in love with your father who would never want you anyways a fact that ruined your abandoned orphaned ma wishing only the best for you the reverse of what … Continue reading

the cavern inside a collapsed cave

i am not here for the magnificent many or the generous glitter tell me of those untold the places where the fledging skin goes or those who drowned still swim with fish stuffed where the cut hair clumps and the ear wax, the eye mucus, the papers that held alphabets just being learned find themselves … Continue reading

a dwarf star

i may be the fire but then again i may just be the wood and this is okay for both are needed for warmth in and for and with oneself * the hate is always slopping around the light but it dries when the clarity improves into a blue existence where the warmth wiggles in … Continue reading


the world was born from violence   it took the aftermath of the universe to create kindness to create you who chooses to be soft to the baby of the world * i am uncertain if it is comforting that no matter what i do tomorrow will come even if i do not stuck slopping … Continue reading

ok, ko

i suppose things can be worse than losing someone who didn’t love you such as you who lost someone who did * it is given that the meaning of life is to give life meaning   what is not said is how hard it is to take what it is   and entirely what it … Continue reading