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Spaghetti knots

hear calm

come here

nuzzle your tired head

that is heavy after the guillotine of

thoughtless others

who wanted too much of you from you

come here

with your need to talk about the universe

and how it doesn’t talk back to you

come here

full of insecurities and doubts and hopes and dreams

and bone that i share too

which i may apologize for because

i want you to come to comfort

in me

who is found

in you

come here

when you cannot

when it is too hard to move

when you are battered by the daily death of a day

that is gone too fast

though you feel as though you’ve gone faster

that is oppressive and malignant

with a sun that can cause cancer

but also warmth

that creates fires across the life-giving forests

but also gives the forests life itself

that will be no more in night

like us too together

in this little never again

come here

because you want to want to

because you cannot think of any there there

come here

for the hope that you will creep onward

when i am not available like a favourite store

that used to sell all you needed

and mostly the need of you

come here

when there is no where

else to go

come here

when there is

come here

in all the sexual innuendo imaginable

and the reality that sometimes

we will just fall asleep

having no desire for desiring

come here

come here

come here

for look

here comes


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I am searching for something in between the letters. Follow my wordpress or my IG (@_kenkan)


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