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the cracks left lingering after creation

there are losers for whom everything will go right those who do not curse who have not spilled a drink in their life who cannot get sick who will never know what it means to watch a fat fly fall off the wall only for it to cling back on indifferently who will not go hungry … Continue reading


the following is sloppy unraveling, but even a single curled thread is needed to make a blanket. * all poetry is falling to the ground for it is autumn where i call her hollow to tell that i was in love again budding anew feeling the warmth of someone’s sun and she said me too … Continue reading


i have unravelled into adulthood as a spool of knots like how i shouldn’t eat sweets before dinner though there is currently none in my smiling fridge that will one day need to be cleaned after years of neglect and drinks spilling onto the cold lifeless white if only to offer a colour or maybe … Continue reading