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Spaghetti knots

what was his name again

what do you tell her


do you say that i would fart

loudly in public


do you recall when i would

snore with spit pooling like

a failed birth


do mention that it took me

six long months to love you and only

four short years to lose that love


do you laugh still about how i mistook

your earrings for the rings of saturn

how the metal danced with the gravity of night

how you undressed along the slow curvature of a universe

made for this moment

between the bare space of you and i

reaching for more still


do you tell her that i

was self conscious about my poems


do you tell her that i

wasn’t that good of a writer anyways


do you tell her that i

would have to read a page twice

to understand if it was worth the first one


do you mumble

that you sometimes still

miss me


do you say i said stupid things

like go on

where each day is every life

and the worst thing

that has ever happened

will happen

until then

after after

it will sludge then slip then slide

to tomorrow

where another thing

terrible and huge and totally entirely unforgivably

yours yours yours

may happen



do you let her see

our fading yet


do you speak about the discolouration

of blue when you went each morning

to tackle the sky


do you whisper my secrets


do you hold her hand when

remembering the first time

i grabbed yours as another drink

that would make me feel as i felt

before i felt

i needed to feel a drink


do you say

he wasn’t much of a cook


do you recount

the upset stomach of your leaving


do you add

don’t go don’t go

i have more to say


do you sit in silence

with her

while i sit in silence


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I am searching for something in between the letters. Follow my wordpress or my IG (@_kenkan)


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