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Spaghetti knots

what i say that should be said to i

eat three meals daily

save room for a fourth

know that she will leave you empty


spill yourself into rooms where you don’t belong

with people stuck on an idea

that the ruined rise and fall

fell sometime between

the daily yawns and awkwardness

that you hold on your chin

not as a bruise

but as a brute

who says

you too

you too


dance alone

dance together



drink gorgeous coffee cups

make messy love to croissants

find a café with just the right music and dancing light

that holds your shadows years later

when you still smell the first date


change your name

ask yourself if its right

change yourself


know that you want something else

something unknown

something unnamed

something that expands

and is soaked in sunlight

and is there during the warm night

and is not expensive

but not cheap either

so that when it is totally yours

you will not want something else


enter the promise of love

but do not lay in it

leave the lost to the lost

kiss her before she kisses her


write the happiest of words

even if they have already been written

for now they are there again

happy to be


be happy

not because you should be

and not because you will be

but because you won’t


study arabic architecture with wandering eyes

learn chinese that is traditionally forgotten

understand that you will not understand

the language of her





and know

that enough

is never given


tell no advice to anyone

including yourself

end when you need to

start again after after

remembering those things that go on

but mostly

do no longer

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I am searching for something in between the letters. Follow my wordpress or my IG (@_kenkan)


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