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i didn’t hear that dear

lay me in between the arms of your doubt and your sleep keep me close when there is no love even if tonight we are lovers consider me in the curl of a question mark when you are huddled trying to learn how to hold tight in spring eaten by the heat and the leaking … Continue reading

sand dwellers

you must understand that it is not you which i know is difficult for you but rather it is i who knows it is i who is at fault here for all this misunderstanding now between us which i’m sure you didn’t realize which is part of the problem which i want to stress that … Continue reading

any mall will do i promise

another pork in the night remembering she does not eat meat   after a restaurant with no choices and the leftover discussion of what it means to waste   food or lives or do you know how the animals are treated in their little cages with their little lungs   they are starved injected with … Continue reading

here now together

it has all been about the unsaid sayings like how the cat is shitting poetry how a dry hand trails the tail or how you are meowing another’s name   how no one listens to the last words of a sunset when a war roars on how an opiate holds onto the scraps of a … Continue reading

hydro bills

i have been destroyed by love been wrecked by it been tossed lost and forgotten by love   i have been spit on by love molested wasted and disrepaired   love has turned me off from love has made me come to love has shown me there is more than love in love and without … Continue reading

this knot untied

the following is more of not that again. * there are many words still not still that remain to be said that beg for you to give them a chance against all the others you have held in little handfuls caught in a laughter during class and whispered to another who whispered back what you … Continue reading

see sons

i suppose you’ll want to know what has come of me after all those futures planned have been forgotten and the flowers have turned away from the sun and there’s a sea that hasn’t been touched yet by the plastic that sinks the life from your tour of a small island that most haven’t heard … Continue reading