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Miscellaneous mistakes

light skinned

near naked on nights very much like this i am reminded that sometimes i still wish you were around. all wrong again, dressed in a sloppy death, telling me that the moon wasn’t so far away if you just closed your eyes to forget where it was, that there was a way to bridge the past if you kiss in nowhere, and that you would never leave me. the room was small. the lights were smaller. they struggled to lift the dust in a dance that disturbed the way your hands signalled the dead ends of fingers that also left long ago. ghosts teaching you what it meant to be held. to hold in return. how you moved my awkwardness into the comfortable knowledge that it is these two actions that were all that is left. for now, then, later too, my palms empty with a night unliked by this.

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One thought on “light skinned

  1. “The room was small, the lights were smaller.” Amazing.

    Posted by Elle Nguyen | February 3, 2018, 5:54 pm

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