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Miscellaneous mistakes

m ail

skeleton sparkling in the sun, what will i post today? will it be that you have never seen me so undressed so unblemished? that i fell in love with the bareness of the sidewalk this morning, but only from the safety of my 8th story window? that there was a girl because there always would be one, especially when there isn’t? that i don’t eat much anymore? that i have not penned any good story recently, which i think could make a good story if i switched to pencils? that i am more than just what would be? that today i am not, thinking that you already know how this tale ends – with me, unbalanced, grasping at my behind, looking for a tail that hasn’t been there for a million of years? that i wait in a grocery store lit by the devil’s ass? that i wait in a bank line paved with god’s grace? that i wait for the weeds to grow and i cut them and i gaze skyward to see the snow in the clouds four months away?

the weeds do not notice though, clawing the earth even as i am told you tried to send a letter but the post was closed due to a storm.

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