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Spaghetti knots

what to do

to breathe beyond these shadows

i must look elsewhere

than where your absence leaks into the late afternoon

dark underneath the door

light curling behind the curtains like a cat we had together

before it died


to destroy the love left in my bones

i must wade beyond the treeline

against the hefty hues and the misty dusk

where the things that linger heavy

have children with the dripping spring

despite the pale flowers still reaching for the summer


to hold on to desire when i have nothing desirable in return

i must sit among the miles of waves that melt into the sun

among the passing bodies that tickle ghosts on my skin

with dust that still even in their decay

move on more than i


to remain when all else will go

i must understand that every atom makes a sound

all things shake with life

that at any point especially the dull ones

there is a possibility to twist away from the noise

and the safety of silence

into the song that connects each of us

even you who has gone:


if you are

then you are beautiful

no matter how broken

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2 thoughts on “what to do

  1. Absolutely beautiful

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    Posted by jennystallent | July 14, 2019, 5:25 pm
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