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i have unravelled into adulthood as a spool of knots like how i shouldn’t eat sweets before dinner though there is currently none in my smiling fridge that will one day need to be cleaned after years of neglect and drinks spilling onto the cold lifeless white if only to offer a colour or maybe … Continue reading

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i sometimes think of my childhood friends as grown as i and i wonder if they wonder if they’re happy or if i am and i realize that if they are smiling those toothless-turned-braces-turned-bit-lip-red smiles that makes me smile too and if they aren’t in some way perhaps because of those same teeth that didn’t … Continue reading

ties around our necks

we were told a man killed himself here and we asked what kind of man and were told a man who would kill himself here so we looked for the kind of man for a while coming back playing here building forts out of rope we found having battles that never transpired but if did … Continue reading

Why the sky is blue

I have become my parents. They ask me questions and want help and in that shift of how and which remote and can you build me a website, they stop being my parents with certainty and answers like what is a lever for or why the sky is blue and I stop being them too … Continue reading