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Dear dear, I am not good at making friends. Most of the time, I make it only about it myself, about my faulty focus, about how I am doing this new thing, how I don’t want everyone to know but listen to all this unknown, how even now in this tumbling self-centered supposed selflessness, I … Continue reading

the phone dies after

you must’ve known that there was a moment straddling laughter breathing in sunlight absorbing the cut grass of bugs and air where you were playing with your neighbourhood friends for the last time   you maybe realized it when you were summed at 44 reigning in a lawn mower picking at your now ruined pants … Continue reading


you will want to mention the joke to the barmaids at the counter where people you grew up with have slobbered onto the worn wood made from trees nearby when the forest was cut down and the school was moved and the joke was first said on a day very much like today with the … Continue reading

peek a boo

can there be life after childhood because in cat years i’m already dead 24 and still stuck on the early stuff thinking i may have peaked when i was eight and on a hill with girls laughing at my joke about farts later gaggling about their anuses as starfish making me grow another limb but … Continue reading

how to how to

inside her with exploding organs that’ll splatter the ceiling with offal and blood though the walls need to be repainted anyways for they peel from handprints that remind one of ceaseless childhood where endless days giggle to playful wind and a sun on rollerskates down the bountiful road where each work will be a masterpiece … Continue reading

a forest of one

won’t you teach the boys that there is nothing to learn in your voice of contrition and confusion after ghosts gave way to host a celebration to the violence that decapitated them staring there with eyes dripping hunger onto the floor where the boys play cops and robbers saying there can’t be a girl criminal … Continue reading

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i sometimes think of my childhood friends as grown as i and i wonder if they wonder if they’re happy or if i am and i realize that if they are smiling those toothless-turned-braces-turned-bit-lip-red smiles that makes me smile too and if they aren’t in some way perhaps because of those same teeth that didn’t … Continue reading

seeking what was sought

time is kicking through the neighbourhood that felt timeless in hiding spots where a house is constructed now with stranger corners that you can’t go into because you heard that the new people there don’t like meeting others and mrs guller who lived on the lot before might still haunt the place   not that … Continue reading

bad and rotting

scarfs like nooses and tongues out like dead men we feel the burning of being alive and the uniqueness of now that goes as we go till goon’s gone good * they will tell us that we did wrong because they are older and know more from mistaking more and we will nod get older … Continue reading

this little piggy went

look, you, look elsewhere for where else will you see new things besides in others who you have never met and who say how unique your eyes seem * give a hug to the apocalypse for it is lonely and devastated that so many people are leaving in the cracks its created * what lies … Continue reading