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hands have germs, they give you worms

this is it: the youth degeneration generating new youth babies having babies hoping that they become adults by appearing like gods to those below and eventually those above too * i am trying to work on my self because my self doesn’t try to work on my self * what can you do i’m asked … Continue reading

ties around our necks

we were told a man killed himself here and we asked what kind of man and were told a man who would kill himself here so we looked for the kind of man for a while coming back playing here building forts out of rope we found having battles that never transpired but if did … Continue reading

fayce da futore

you have it only to lose it in someone else who has it in them to lose little other than to make you feel it again till it’s gone again into someone else farther from you * every writing is an apology to the face of the future and the child i’ve decayed from in … Continue reading