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Spaghetti knots

fayce da futore

you have it

only to lose it

in someone else

who has it

in them

to lose little

other than to

make you feel it again

till it’s gone again

into someone else

farther from you


every writing

is an apology

to the face of the future

and the child

i’ve decayed from

in a flesh finish

not quit fitting

for i buckle

near my belt

and walk instead of run

and no i won’t

i won’t become that

i won’t lose this

sound of shoes slurping ground

and ugly knees made by mud

and these words that

don’t mean much to me

for i don’t mean much to them

when they were here first

and i have more important

things to say

lyk how i dun need

to spel so gr8

wen i need 2

say wat i need 2

say 4 i am yung

n a goon

n da creshon of time

n da destrushon of it 2

dat kan nvent

n b nvented

nto a chyld agan

if only

i find da apollogy

dat maches me

fayce da futore

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