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twenty three and a half

i have seen flashlights afraid of the dark flowers who hate the sun and ice that prefers it so as to see fully beyond into me now who knows that it will get the better of you as it has gotten better others before there slipping on the ice they could not see for the … Continue reading

two lips

i am a little fire burping back against the sun to show it how i can consume the world even as i am forgotten and left alone to die as a shadow untethered from the body that burns being into not * does not my smile require an anchor beyond my mouth perhaps unmooring into … Continue reading

potential energy

whimper to the earth i can be tell the formless sky i can be more let night hide you under stars that have gone away but still echo to people who are crying next door under drowning whispers to someone or something or just it all that they are they are they are while day … Continue reading

i don’t know where to put my feet because these are ancestral lands and the colonial system privileges happiness over real issues and clapping is a distraction and the clap is a real issue too that is as old as i don’t know

a good poet try but you better be the better you instead of talking about politics love loss oppression insecurity refugees brutality unforgiving wait, await listen wind up dance a little for both meanings are true here: nothing lasts no matter how badly i tried to go to the place where things are forgot to … Continue reading

it is because of scattering of the blue wavelengths because they are smaller, tiny, gone some days

and so you built walls great walls that would make ancient civilizations weep and know exactly what you meant by putting one hand in front of another like has always been the way to the way which you’ve made yourself full with you comfortable finally in the center where you forgot to put a window … Continue reading

faster than sound but still sluggish

none on no one yet still hoping for you so i can write to the girl who fears oblivion to tell her that this fear is oblivion itself and though there will be nobody who escapes everyday apocalypses at least you can recreate daily * it is the comfort of you that makes you talk … Continue reading

looking both ways

if your only defense is that it meant nothing you show you do not care again for it left me defenseless by meaning too much * there is no way forward i say   how could there be no way she says   because there is no way backwards i reply   wishing to recollect … Continue reading

three words for one

love you learn isn’t the first person who says the words to you but instead the first one who doesn’t repeat them back after learning how to say them so lovely * forever before i have known ignorance and have never known it to be blissful * i am a slow drip looking for a … Continue reading

making made made

don’t fret to feel nothing is to be for it was here first still is containing the universe in ceaseless bounds that stretches like fingers to warm water to hold the stories that feel your pain of being * rejection is a gift it allows you the moment to reassess to reconsider to see where … Continue reading


she told me my future saying she couldn’t see herself in it or me which i tried to reply to but it was time to see the next customer before the smoke suffocated * there is nothing more than nothing more when anything seems like less * the most rebellious act you could do is … Continue reading