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Spaghetti knots

it is because of scattering of the blue wavelengths because they are smaller, tiny, gone some days

and so you built walls

great walls

that would make ancient civilizations weep

and know exactly what you meant

by putting one hand in front of another

like has always been the way to the way

which you’ve made yourself

full with you

comfortable finally

in the center

where you forgot to put a window

but don’t worry because you’ve stocked the cement with air

and food and breath

your breath

on those hot days where you dug deep

finding worms useless and in the way

to now again

where you feel safe

from the bomb that could’ve been

falling asleep

then waking

chalk with apples and water

diarrhea eventually


perhaps the bomb was you


nothing escapes inside



we are all we have

we should

give all we have


i asked why the sky was blue

and my father said

he didn’t know

because looking up and wondering

made him blue

i asked why

and he looked down


at me

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