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when hen new h

  when there is nothing left you will be when all has gone you still are and when there is no more there there you remain yours and not theirs * i understand it all now because unknown and alone i realize i tried to give you what i could not give myself and what … Continue reading


i will admit that i am broken but at least i still took a walk this morning and saw a little bit of sun and listened to a coworker tell me about problems back home and rode the subway to the silence of strangers who could just be as sad as me if they look … Continue reading


dear world the least you can do is tell us how many of us do you need to make us feel needed and to stop the rest of us from feeling like the least dear * they moan that you are deceased which will make lively discussion around the dinner table where your uncle burps … Continue reading

meat casserole

be aware there are men falling from maples red and drained for the arbor was no armor which is close to love in french even though they never spoke it with their tongues stuck in others’ mouths who never learned their language and sat at dinner peeling back like the wood of the chairs or … Continue reading

out work the work out

a sad jester realizes that we spilling laughter like blood and staring at them on the sole stage are the fools performing always * what is the point of happiness if not to blunt you into the realization of loss while the rest of the days will bleed boredom from the tampon of unfilled functioning … Continue reading


aren’t there better ways to better aren’t to allow us to move into and out of us as we come to know unknowing as we repeat to repeat to as we crave the attempt of sussing something out of this nothing that has crawled among the gap of our elbows where we were the only … Continue reading

c heat?

i wonder if he wondered if i knew if he thought about how big i was tough there with my hands in my pants imagining you when you were with me showing me what to think with my thing which is no more than do and do it well a lesson in expanding oneself to … Continue reading

leave already

stay around just a little bit where not enough and forever make love like teenagers who don’t last who will remember for the rest of their lives that time in the closet with you in their mouth like a meal that will never be satisfied but that bleeds to parts not yet recognized until there … Continue reading

34 words too long

with or without you wither without you with her without you wilt here without you * i’d lay down if i wasn’t already buried under the poetry that was 35 words but had it all already even the planets outside that knock at my window with hopes of meeting my eyes blank on this screen … Continue reading

110% chance of precipitation

she says against the lonely sun that she needs to work on herself and then waits for my approval though night comes too soon and silently for me to respond to her mouth that still hangs open teeth like stars turning black for no other reason than the sweetness of the surrounding world * isn’t … Continue reading