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you said that he was love, that he was tough too, that he would teach you the soft poetry you could use in a knife fight. there was some blood. it was inevitable of course. he was a dog person. big pit bulls. those that would bark at you but coo under him. he said … Continue reading


if you stayed the streetlight would suck stars away as always night would pool in lakes the seasons would come talking of weather to people already complaining that it is not so and so compared to last year   if you stayed there would still be people at a cheap diner with years of marriage … Continue reading

omega 3 supplements

this is the taste of death but i cannot be hurt with the years that have gone since you have spending years trying to not be you which is such a you thing to do yawning years slugged into unconcern quiet as a growing flower will when the forest comes in vengeance of all the life … Continue reading

canine circle

i used to think poetry was a suicide where the author always reached the end of a line   but now i think it a rope connecting all to all where there is no end just movement across in a circle a knot sometimes around a neck but often times around a belt to keep … Continue reading

where the apple core was thrown

from space with time the world is breathless like a punch in the gut where there is pain daily and the undigested chunks of land bruise against a bleeding sun and disappearing clouds * it is done they are dead is it enough yet or should i stop too * it is true that among hungry … Continue reading

dog songs

gated and gone the dogs never stop shedding and growling and shitting on the ground where i step them barking for me to do it try them come before they disappear in hairs that litter the street do it do it and i do saying shit trying to rub it on the grass they peed … Continue reading