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reading myself again i have the unrelenting desire to kill that man but he is long since dead not with the smells of a forest captured but a single lonely tree long since forgetting what it felt like to touch the sun spread in your red rolling eyes * you take what you can give because … Continue reading


my email is slowly estranging itself from me with subscriptions to porn hub and other dead philosophers   who once fed on boys that could’ve resembled gods in their failure to trust adults like me clicking through flaps of flesh   that make our our ours because maybe she’ll want to try this needing after … Continue reading

the daughter i always wanted

those who tell you the world doesn’t work that way are tired of their world not working and thus hope you deaf numb helpless are a solution to those untold * they healed me from open wounds but i realized then while holding onto them like a bandaid that i could not see beyond them … Continue reading

still birth

there is a space between where i wish to be where i was where i will be and where i wander currently and without the current   every moment i am adjusting to the idea that this emptiness between those dots is not horrifying but the very point of them and that the still waters … Continue reading

mother’s day

you need to cut your hair son for it does not lengthen your looks   but mom don’t you know i am bits of you and you are the most beautiful bits of me   and son you must listen to your father for he knows how to be a man   but mom don’t … Continue reading


dear world the least you can do is tell us how many of us do you need to make us feel needed and to stop the rest of us from feeling like the least dear * they moan that you are deceased which will make lively discussion around the dinner table where your uncle burps … Continue reading

the tiny bang

antiparticles scratching at my door trying to get inside to tell me that they exist if i ever wanted to give them a chance instead of working with half my life already over and wedged into the small corner of masturbation and home where i felt like i needed not to look for home anymore … Continue reading

hell o go od bye

i am very kind you fucker though you are nicer for listening shut up to a person as personless as me tell them about me you see, i’ve been many people tell them about us and have said goodbye to many people tell them how you killed your kin and have done many things you’re … Continue reading

Genealogy of emptiness

The only advice my father ever gave me was to never be a father. * My father taught me how to be a writer by pounding away at something unformed and useless until it stops quivering and bleeding and sits still, waits, listening to the quiet of ideas. He knew what he knew, which is great, … Continue reading