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mother’s day

you need to cut your hair son for it does not lengthen your looks   but mom don’t you know i am bits of you and you are the most beautiful bits of me   and son you must listen to your father for he knows how to be a man   but mom don’t … Continue reading

from from

to the brother i will never be to the cousin i never was to the janitor that i might’ve been if my brother wasn’t so close with his cousins there are stories i need to tell you like there is still a thing in nothing or so my father clicked after a ninth playing inside … Continue reading

father’s day

i thought i wasn’t thinking until i held out my hand in belief and callous developed to break hearts after following a shadow which hid underneath my mother’s eyes like a child under a blanket listening to a fight that must’ve not ended yet since whenever a beginning began and hearing silence then footsteps then … Continue reading

work out

there is hope that you will not need hope only will * i have gotten into short poetry for it lasts long and gets me * all people want all people to want all people but few will ever be wanted   * freud says a mother is a woman a son can’t have because … Continue reading


snow like lives lost looking for a soft place to land finding disaster a four car pile up blood whiteness ruined by those who can realize it while they realize less and see that all roads lead to an end and the sky above ends too * he’s throwing up because he’s grown up too … Continue reading

tragedy of the commons

the tragedy of the commons is that we were born too soon to learn how to stop our birth * my mom is in love with my dad and booze at the same time and one leads to another though i forget which way the direction lays like a beast feasting in roadkill after a … Continue reading


my mother gave birth to me on all fours sweating out pain and bleeding daylight that brought news from outside earth the always vacuous and never friendly coughs of breath gone and mistaken spent asking for someone to end her before this does while she leaks and i form into a solid that takes up … Continue reading